Monday, June 30, 2014

SharePoint with AngularJS

I recently got into client JavaScript mv* frameworks. I started out learning EmberJS and now AngularJS. I don't have a full grasp on both yet, but enough to create some basic pages.

The Good: I learned today that the SharePoint 2013 api can be used to access data from a site.

The Bad: I was not able to access any data.

The Ugly: The api is at {host}/{site}/_api/web/{resource}/[{optional whatever}] and some other ugly syntax.

I'm not sure how access is controlled yet. Nevertheless, I will be working with a SharePoint developer who is also learning AngularJS to use with SP13. Hopefully, we will make some great headway in the future and I will be able to post some better details about this. In the meantime, off I go to create a mock dev dashboard!