Tuesday, July 22, 2014

a positive approach to choices, risks and rewards

Some advice that I cobbled together from various readings, conversations, videos, podcasts, and whatever else regarding personal choices: "it depends..." What does it depend on for you? Each person would likely have different answers that may limit their choices. One thing it may depend on is whether or not this will lead you to a long-term goal or if it's a sidetrack. Ultimately, only you can answer that question. One thing for sure is that fear does not count, it's not part of the equation - no rewards are without risk. Which leads to another dependency - what's your level of comfort for risk? Is this just outside of your comfort zone? Or way outside of it? If its just outside or a bit more take that extra risk. If it's way outside, work up to it - find a way to take steps that way without getting too far ahead of yourself. Sometimes we have to completely ignore fear for a bit so we can get to the real answers. This doesn't mean ignore warning signs or anything like that, I'm referring to irrational fears. As a testament to my own practice of moving past fears, I recently took some leaps at the opportunity to meet with the CIO at work once a month. I'm not in a management position or anything like that either, and have been rather fearful of authority in the past. I just took a chance and set up a meeting. I was nervous for that first hour-long meeting, but apparently I made a heck of an impression. We meet once a month and talk in the hallways now. I can present ideas and sometimes elicit positive change. This is a good culture from the top down, granted, but I think from now on I'll open more doors of communication - seems to work well. No matter your decision, always remember that life is as fleeting as time and that mistakes happen, times can be tough too. Learn from them, move on, build on the experience. Good things come too, and when they do it far outweighs the negative impact of most mistakes in the long run. That being said, there are risks and there are deaf, blind and dumb. Be informed and aware of the risks so that you can make informed decisions.

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