Thursday, September 4, 2014

Communications Confusions

I learned today that ineffective communications can lead to a great deal of confusion. Often, the case is that a little bit of taking a step back can clear up much of this. A colleague asked me to do something that goes against the grain of what the team as a whole has been striving to improve. This lead me to put up resistance to the request.

As we talked it out we came to find that we were saying the same thing, but from a different perspective. Turns out the root of the issue was the colleague's unfamiliarity with a tool that we are using was causing some confusion. This is actually quite common with this specific tool which has lead to too much confusion over the years.

Other things came out of that conversation about some process changes that were not communicated; also, which not a single member of the development team was involved in. Wonder what the downstream effects of that will be...

I'm a fan of communication and collaboration, without which there will certainly be difficulties in maintaining the processes which are created.

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