Monday, September 8, 2014

let me map the way

I revisited my realization that I am visual-spacial and that I'm good at mapping routes. Much of the time, I'm very good at predicting time to destination too. This lead me to come up with a method of mapping out goals literally. Here's what I propose:

Map setup:
-a star in the center indicates now (current time and state).
-each goal is placed in sectors around the center at a distance proportional to the effort involved.
-each goal is sized proportionally to the value gained by achieving the goal.
-paths should be marked using lines drawn as directly as possible from the center star to each goal.
-goals that can connect directly, should also be connected via straight lines.
-the connections should represent possible routes.
-if the goals are too close so that the proportion of the line does not reflect effort, add more lines or use curved lines so that the total distance is equal to relative effort.

-routes can be drawn over the paths that connect the points to plan the best route.

-indicate obstacles with roadwork signs, roadblocks across the path, whatever else you can come up with to show slowdowns, blocking, etc.
-use dotted lines to indicate unknowns
-can label landmarks, unknowns, whatever using map keys, or tag with a number and show detail referenced by the number or letter-number combo

I will need to create a sample to include that in this post later, if I don't get back to it it's because I didn't map the way...

This could potentially be automated and read from different sources of data with appropriate mapping to the source fields.

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