Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Who chooses your tools?

What would you say if I paid you to change a tire on my car? Ok, change a tire on my car but you can only use one of those multi-tools that has pliers/wire cutters, a few knife blades, screwdrivers, a leather punch, a file, and tweezers. What do you mean you can't do it? The tool does everything! The folks that made the tool say it does. They cut a wire in like 2-seconds and it has a leather punch...A LEATHER PUNCH!!! So obviously you can change a tire with it since it can remove nuts. Oh, btw change all four tires. Needs an oil change too. Only the one tool that does it all, that's what you'll use for that also. Maybe some new breaks, they've been a little squeaky lately. I failed to mention that the keys are locked in it and it's out of fuel but why would that be important? So, when will it be ready? How about in a couple hours? A couple hours sounds right to me. I never changed a tire before, but I have put fuel in a car and that only takes like a minute so a couple hours to change the tire and all the other stuff should do. Oh wait, you're using one of those magic bullet tools, so of course it'll take half the time. I'll pick up the car in an hour. An hour later... What!? It's not ready yet? What have you been doing? The super-tool has an issue? Oh you've called the manufacturer and they said everything will be ok. Good because I really like the idea they have with that does-everything-in-half-the-time tool. BTW, did you see the YouTube video they made? The one that's all sped up where the guy using the super-tool carves out a surf board in like 40 seconds then goes surfing!? I mean how awesome was that! So you'll be done in no time because obviously you are of equal or greater intelligence than the surf board guy, after all you know me don't you? So you must be awesomer! See ya in 20 mins buddy! 20 mins later... Ok this is getting ridiculous, perhaps another person with another tool, 2 people with super-tools would surely get this wrapped up in no time. I need this done, I have to lead a parade with this car in 20 minutes! I made plans after I figured this would only take an hour given your superior intellect combined with the most versatile tool EVER! finally... Well I missed the parade, but it's good to have my car back. I'll see you in a bit when I need the muffler replaced and to get it waxed. 😎

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