Thursday, November 20, 2014

How To Update NuGet in a Solution

If you build on a build server and see some error like:

EXEC: 'Unity' already has a dependency defined for 'CommonServiceLocator'.

You probably have NuGet.exe that's out of date. Here is how to update with Visual Studio 2013/2012.

Step 1: Go to the Solution folder on your local and remove the .nuget folder (or rename to .nuget.bak until later in case you need some custom stuff from .config or .targets).

Step 2: Open solution in Visual Studio.

Step 3: Right-Click Solution from Solution Explorer and select the "Enable NuGet Package Restore" option.

*say yes in the dialog that follows

Step 4: Check-in your changes.

There you have it! The easiest way to update nuget in a Visual Studio solution.

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