Wednesday, August 19, 2015

msdn xand something exciting

First, I'd like to gripe for just a minute. I've been receiving MSDN magazine in the mail for a few years now due to it's part of the subscription package that my current place of employment maintains. Cool. I get it. Here's our latest thing we are doing and how to use it. My gripe is that it's more or less the same thing now - here's how to do some basic shit using Azure. Use Azure. Here's some awesome pattern, and btw here's how to use it on Azure. It's basically a monthly sales pitch for Azure. Kudos for the advertising tactics, MS is really going hard into this one and it makes sense. It's just getting a bit old is all. I've demoed Azure and its not bad (when it isn't completely frustrating due to something being down or taking forever or not responding). Oh I generally do the free thing or the low-cost option, and yeah its lower in the priority queues for processing. But hey, its my experience so far - not making me want to fully commit though.


Then there's at least one article that is just pure and clean. This month's is about 3D Web Games using JavaScript (Three.js). Awesome! I've had it from other sources that a guy in the Netherlands or thereabouts (Anders Evenrud) built A FUNCTIONING OS IN JAVASCRIPT! So... Anyways check that out at
and contemplate that for a bit. And he even has a badass name! This guy is my hero.

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