Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Who is the Decider?

When it comes to decisions regarding software, it is generally the business who decides what needs to be done, when to do it, what will not be done, and even how to do it. There are so many decisions to be made, some requiring intimate knowledge of the business at hand and others requiring technical expertise.

When the development group is external to the business, and clear objectives are established in what is to be delivered, the lines between decisions that the business makes and the development company makes can be made clear by contract and/or convention. Conversely, when the technical team resides within the business, those lines can be a bit more blurry.
Through working closely with those in the business areas, who are intimately familiar with the working of the business, some technologists (particularly those working on applications used by the business) gain a deep understanding of the processes and value streams of the business. They can, therefore, be well informed partners in maximizing value through applying technological solutions in ways that enable efficiency, productivity, and even opening new revenue streams.

Careful and proper application of technology can help achieve these. Improper application of technology can hinder flow, agility and efficiency. It may end up costing the business dearly. Therefore, it is imperative to successful application of technology that technology experts are included in decision making, especially regarding matters involving application of technological solutions.

It may be beneficial even to have a few key technological resources involved in other decision making processes since there would be opportunities that evolve as a result of having technologically adept minds in the mix. Put another way, a certain portion of a board, committee, or other decision making body should be representative of technology (perhaps even representing different sectors of technology depending on the decisions and the business).

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