Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lean Change

I've recently caught wind of Lean Change - basically a way to achieve continuous improvement. It seems the key is regular open communications. I was in the hot-seat for representing our team of five recerly in a QA event put on by CQAA(Chicago Quality Assurance Association). The lab was to put together an elevator pitch to sell BDD to an executive (for some reason we chose executive). So here's me as a developer "pitching" the event speaker acting as an executive.

We thought we'd try to sell on cost reduction, reduced time to market, improved quality, and Google does it so should we. I did my best but was met with resistance and the proposition that QAs and BAs were not doing their jobs and/or would not be needed in the new world order of BDD. Since I was a developer in a room full of QA engineers, I jokingly confessed that we would no longer need QA engineers if we used BDD.

This was basically a sweeping change approach and the pitch was a hard sell. I would not recommend selling directly to execs in most cases. Follow Lean Change - get folks involved in the change. Change a little at a time, but don't make anyone feel like they are the ones you want to change - QAs don't do this to DEV and DEV don't do this to BAs. It's really about working together as a team to resolve the issues, not about imposing change on others.

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