Monday, September 19, 2016

How to solve any problem in 5 steps.

How to solve any problem in 5 steps...

1. Understand the problem...for real. This means establishing criteria for success as well.
2. Use understanding of problem to search for solutions which are acceptable to those impacted.
3. Weigh solutions to find optimal candidates. This step may involve testing feasibility.
4. Implement optimal solution.
5. Measure for success.
if success, end; Else, repeat.

All steps depend on previous steps. Therefore, the most critical step is step 1. Step 4 may be somewhat arbitrary depending on the outcome of step 3. That is to say, there may not be an optimal solution per se, but a number of similar pseudo-optimal solutions - in that case pick one or start more than one and let the best emerge (if possible). After step 3, there may be no feasible solution. In that case end.

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