Monday, May 15, 2017

Netflix Your Life

There we were, sitting at lunch talking about the "time v dollars" problem. The conversation wandered between alternatives to "trading time for dollars" and "working from wherever". As we tried to focus in on the ultimate work-life balance equation, my friend came out with phrase "Netflix your life". Hit it right on the nose!

If you were ever around when live television was a thing that people did, you know that you watched what was on - when it was on. In other put everything else in life on hold to watch your shows when they were on. And of course this meant sitting through commercials; or most likely, timing snacks and bathrooms with commercials. For that time, TV owned your life. And, their goal was to keep you glued to the TV for as long as possible so they could sell ad time at a higher rate (more viewers == more targets == more revenue) - the ratings game.

FFWD to modern times - aside from the VCR - there was no other way to do it, you were on Network Time. Nowadays, we have a bajillion ways to watch what we want, when we want - were in full-control of our viewing time. We can even watch at 2x speed to cram more video into one sitting. And...its portable - so we can watch wherever.

How did this change the game? We became more discerning with what we watch. TV got much much better. And producers can measure exactly what people watch. Furthermore, it should work better for the networks since they get more viewers - albeit more competition.

If we are able to work whenever and wherever - we have Netflixed our lives.

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