Here's a growing list of resources that contain useful information. Please send me any to add.

Where to find Answers:

Because when you search the internet, you will get all kinds of answers. Which ones should you click first?

Community driven and generally high quality, but you generally won't get real in-depth answers unless someone links to some. Sometimes you have to weed through a bunch of responses, but the rating system helps point the way. Check here first.

Microsoft Developer Network
The official MS source for documentation of their platforms. Can be TMI sometimes and sometimes not enough usage examples.

Mozilla Developer Network
Great information on web technologies!

Training and Tutorials:

Can't beat 'em, definitely worthwhile to watch training videos on almost anything tech! I'd say it's a necessity.

Great online courses and resources for everyone! All for free.

Ruby Monk
This is a cool and fun way to learn Ruby! All online, no install necessary. Free.

Online Code Editors:

These are becoming a dime-a-dozen, some better than others depending on what you are doing.

JS Bin


JS Fiddle

Tutorials Point
This one is diverse - can be wonky at times.

This one is also diverse - limitations as well.



Pinal Dave

Frameworks and Libraries:

javascript stuff

Object Mappers - for Java - .NET

BDD Stuff

AOP stuff

Check this out

Texts, Blogs and Books:

Domain Driven Design
Patterns of EAA
Clean Code
Soft Skills
The Mythical Man-Month
Design Patterns "Gang of Four"

Industry Movers:

Martin Fowler

Uncle Bob Martin

Ward Cunningham

Ron Jeffries

Dan North

Scott Ambler

Scott Hanselman

Julie Lerman

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