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Saturday, February 20, 2016

ABC Mouse Review

Having children during an age of technology means that children will be using technology to play and learn. One very popular educational children's game is ABC Mouse ( The game is very well put together and well advertised. It's a product of Age of Learning, Inc, a global initiative to prepare children for a successful school experience.

The game features age-appropriate activities ranging from puzzles to stories, songs and coloring. For example, there are original alphabet songs, counting games, matching games. Another key feature of the game is the ticket system. Each game produces a few tickets (similar to tickets at certain mouse themed children's pizza restaurants) that can be exchanged for prizes. The prizes are either related to the in-game fish tank, the hamster maze, the house, or avatar. Once a certain series of activities is completed (4-5 theme related activities) a prize and larger amount of tickets are awarded.

The reward system is pretty good and keeps children interested and motivated to play more. Tickets are earned but can also be purchased. There are two key things I would like to see from this game - and in the education system in general - goal setting and investing.

It would be great if the system had a way to set up a goal and work toward earning that goal. For example, if a specific fish costs 200 tickets, the game should have a way to encourage a child to set up some savings goal to earn enough tickets for that specific prize.

Another fantastic feature would be a way to invest tickets in something that produces tickets over time. Perhaps certain prizes like a specific fish or combination of fish could produce tickets if fed regularly. In any case, a mechanism to learn investing would be great. Currently, if a child wants more tickets, they have to work to earn tickets or have their parents buy tickets for them.

All in all, the game is great and I would recommend this to others. I will be making the suggestions to the makers of this game about goal setting and investing.