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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


While attending a course on advanced WCF and Service Orientation(SO) via IDesign, the instructor dropped a couple terms - "Actor Model" and "Microsoft Orleans". Did the search thing and found that there is a relationship between SO and Actor Orientation (AO).
AO (my own term) seems to be similar to OO but with distinct boundaries. It's been around awhile and seems to be making its way back to the surface.

Orleans is an implementation of AO in Microsoft Windows Azure. It was used in HALO 4. Read more here. The value proposition of Orleans is that all Actors in the system are virtual - they exist even if they don't and they are distributed. This implied that some state data is stored in a way that can be retrieved from any node in the network. All messages between Actors result in a promise that, ultimately should be fulfilled. Once it is, some callback if fired. These concepts should be familiar to those who are following the js community. CouchDB, a nosql document store, uses an eventual consistency model to provide support for distributing databases anywhere for horizontal scaling. Essentially the db can be materialized locally or anywhere where access to another copy is available. EmberJS, an SPA MVC framework, uses promise to populate views asynchronously. I'm probably missing something big with AO, like remote code execution or some other gigantic benefit, but I'll definitely be learning more about it. Likely I'll have more to blog about the topic when I learn more. Will tag AO and Actor Model.