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Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Challenge #2: Make Your Own Mocks

Mocking frameworks are all the rage in unit testing - they can help you build out Mocks, Fakes and other types of Test Doubles. We don't strictly need them to create those doubles, but they sure do help! If you haven't guessed yet, this challenge is all about test doubles! (Classicists need not apply! JK, this is for you too 😁).

Two parts:

  1. Use a Mocking Framework and a Unit Testing Framework to create a fake data reader, pass that into a business logic unit and use it to fetch some fake data.
  2. Create your own fake and pass it into the same business logic unit and use that to fetch some data...can you implement the fake so that it can be set up with different fake values for different tests? Maybe start with the stub - static data returned from the test double (in that case it'll be a a stub).

Suggest using Mentor which has Mentees...and get the Mentees that have scheduled sessions. For an extra challenge, instead use two test doubles - the data reader and a notifier - use the notifier to "send" reminders to all mentees without scheduled sessions. You won't actually send the notifications, but need to verify that "remind" happened.