Monday, July 20, 2015

Various Types of Fun!

I've been busy lately, busy reading up on MS SQL Server query optimizations, WCF header message ids for logging call chains, and Disciplined Agile Delivery.

Here are a few nuggets about each topic:

SQL - I got here because I was looking up Hash Searching,
Craig has some really deep explanations about all sorts of SQL Server related topics. If you really want to improve your SQL chops, you gotta read his stuff. The blog is written in a "we" context, because he worked on SQL Server at the time - got it? A quick search of the net shows his imprint.

WCF - when you have a service oriented architecture or a polyglot architecture which includes services (micro-services, queues, whatever) you will want a running log of the calls. Then you will want to correlate calls within a call chain and you will want to know what happened and when. Fortunately, if you are using WCF as your message-based framework of choice, you can use the message headers to pass this information from call to call. Additionally, you can do this in a AOP type of way so you don't have to alter every contract to add traceability. Here's a link with some of that info

DAD - no it's not about dads, its about process for software delivery. More specifically, its a framework to guide design of a process for software delivery. Or just guess and hope you are right... Here's the entry point for making better choices

But wait, there's more...

Mel Conway - after catching a glimpse of Conway's Law (how system designs will follow the same patterns as organizational communications), I delved deeper into Mel's experiences. It turns out that he has a lot to say on the public education system. After teaching 10th grade geometry in one of the poorest schools in Massachusetts, he shares his thoughts and experiences here

IBM's cloud - after joining TopCoder (which is a thing where coders sign up for challenges and build real software for prizes) I started receiving newsletters. One newsletter lead me to Watson (IBM's famous Jeopardy champion) Services. Apparently even Watson is on the cloud. Check it out
I'd really like to dig in on that someday.

I finally installed a Linux based OS - Ubuntu. I did this on a VM running on Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012. I know, right?!? Anyways, I did it this way because I wanted to explore and it seems like the best way to experiment. Oh, first I tried this in the Azure cloud on 2 VMs - one with Ubuntu another with the Oracle's RedHat clone. I'd really like to do more with these (MEAN stack).

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