Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How To: Run a Program in Administrator Mode

Often I need to run a program in administrator mode when using Windows. There are several ways to run a program in administrator mode on Windows 7. The way I've found to be the mode efficient is to pin it to the taskbar and set that pinned shortcut to always run as administrator. When you do this, it's a 2-click process - one click to launch it and another to accept the dialog.

Here's how to do that once you've pinned the program, this example is using Visual Studio 2015 since often it needs to run in admin mode to debug against local IIS.

Right-click any shortcut and click Properties. Here I am right-clicking the shortcut that is in the pinned program in the Taskbar. You can access these properties from any shortcut - on the desktop, or the start menu/screen to name a few.
In the Properties dialog, click Advanced*.
This dialog should appear and all you have to do is check the box and click "ok" and "ok" again and you are all set to run in admin every time.
*If you are right-clicking an icon for an exe you will find run as admin in the Compatibility tab of the Properties dialog.

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