Blogging Work

I've been writing blog posts for quite a while now. In the last six months, I've written posts for some interesting companies. Here's a sample of my work:

Here's a post about how to use Liquibase to manage database changes. It's an extremely versatile tool for DB migration that supports multiple database platforms.

This one is about how ELMAH just isn't realistic anymore, it's too limited! We use multiple stacks these days, not just classic ASP.NET. Retrace takes in Elmah logs along with all your log data and gives you a fantastic overview of your whole ecosystem.

One of the most fun posts I've written in a long time. This was crowd-sourced to a panel to get a variety of takes on the most common mistakes in source code these days.

Why should we use Lambdas? They aren't right for every situation, but damn are they useful!

And a post about a classic—Domain-Driven Design. I recommend we all learn about this topic since it's so relevant in designing our architectures today.

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